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The convenience and practicality of the Nutristick disposable e-cigarette is guaranteed to make it your favourite!
The brand's nicotine-free products are a pleasant replacement for nicotine cravings, while relieving you of many of the harmful effects of tobacco.
If you are looking to switch from tobacco products to a less harmful alternative, Nutristick e-cigarettes are the perfect alternative for you!


What can you expect when you buy Nutristick e-cigarettes?
no need to buy a separate refill and device, the Nutrtistick is two-in-one, ready to use and disposable when you run out
save money, as a single Nutristick offers 500 puffs of pleasure depending on which product you choose
save time and energy by not having to worry about cleaning, maintaining or even charging the device, when it runs out, you simply throw it away and you can take the next one out
you can try pleasant, special aromas, as the brand currently offers customers 17 different aromas
get rid of unpleasant smells, as there is no smoke or fragrant vapour
get rid of unpleasant breath, no tobacco, just delicious, pleasant aromas
no need to give up nicotine, the products in this category contain nicotine
but if you prefer, you can still switch to a nicotine-free alternative, as there is an alternative version of the brand, the nicotine-free Nutristick, which offers the same fantastic "smoke experience" without the nicotine.