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Herbal Sticks

Smokeless herbal sticks

If you're tired of the unpleasant smell of chewing gum after smoking a cigarette, of having to constantly suck the smoke from burning tobacco into your hair and clothes. If you don't want your furniture in your home to be sucked in by the smell of smoke, or you don't want to go out to smoke anymore... or you don't want to expose your loved ones to second-hand smoke anymore, then incense burners are for you!

Heatsticks are one of the latest trends of our time. It's based on a similar concept as Heets, but while Heets contain tobacco, Heated Heads contain tea leaves. Heatsticks are made from different tea leaves, most often some kind of herbal tea or black tea. There are many different flavours, ranging from traditional tobacco flavours to sweet fruity or special coffee flavours. If we had to name the most flavourful flavour, we would be in big trouble, as one is more flavourful than the other. With an incredibly wide range of flavours to choose from, we're sure you'll find the one you like best.

Heating sticks are products that do not contain tobacco and are therefore not considered tobacco products and their sale is not restricted to National Tobacco Stores.
As heating sticks are 100% tobacco free, they play an important role in harm reduction. Their use eliminates the harmful effects of tobacco while still providing the full experience of smoking.

Frequently asked questions about heating sticks

Are heating elements compatible with IQOS?

Yes, all the heating elements in our online shop are fully compatible with IQOS, so you don't have to worry about your device breaking down or the heating element getting stuck.


Are our heating elements really smoke-free?

Yes, they do not contain any tobacco. They are made from black and green tea leaves.


If it is made from tea leaves, how come it contains nicotine?

Some of the tea sticks contain nicotine salt, which is how the nicotine gets into them. Nicotine salt is almost the same as regular nicotine, but it is much gentler on the throat and less irritating when used.


Are there nicotine-free products?

Yes, there are nicotine-free heating sticks, which are as pleasant to use as nicotine products, but with even less health risk.


Why is a heating rod so short compared to a traditional cigarette?

The heating rod is specifically designed for heating devices (like IQOS). It is the right size for this type of device. Nevertheless, they provide about the same length of use as a cigarette.


Can a heating rod be used by a minor?

No. In all cases, our products should only be purchased by adults over the age of 18.


If I use these products, can I give up cigarettes?

Quitting cigarettes is a long and demanding task, everyone knows that. However, if you are planning to quit, you are in the best possible place, because based on statistics from the past year, using a light bulb is a great first step to quitting.
But if you still can't quit completely, you can substitute traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products with heating sticks, and you're already doing a lot for your health and the health of your environment.