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The Elf Bar 600 disposable electronic cigarette is the perfect device for those who want to switch from traditional cigarettes to electric devices.
These innovative devices, which are nowadays very popular, are able to perfectly recreate the smoking experience.

They are small and compact in size, making them extremely easy and convenient to use.
The Elf Bar 600 disposable electric cigarette is designed to take 600 puffs.
The device is battery operated and will run down after approximately the 600th puff. As the devices are disposable, you don't have to bother charging them, you can simply throw them away. (To protect the environment, it is recommended to dispose of them at a suitable collection point or a specially designated collection point due to the small battery.)

Elf Bar 600 offers a range of exciting flavours to suit your taste!
Which one will be your new favourite?

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