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Useful information about GLO devices

10/08/2023 19:22
Useful information about GLO devices

More and more people are looking for alternatives to smoking. As a result of this trend, IQOS, tea leaf-based heating bars, Elf Bar and Glo devices are so popular.

In this article, we provide detailed information on the latter, the Glo, for those who are now planning to switch from traditional cigarettes to an electronic, smokeless alternative.

The article will also cover the price of Glo, how to order Glo online, and exactly how and where to get these products.

Let's start with the basics...

A brief description of the heating technology

The most popular substitutes for tobacco products are devices using heat-not-burn technology. The idea is that the filling, be it tobacco, tea or herbs, is heated instead of burnt, exposed to a heat level at which the filling is not yet burnt but can be smoked. This technology significantly reduces the harm that cigarette substitutes can do to your health and the environment, as there are far fewer harmful substances in the air and in your lungs when they are not burnt. No smoke is produced by heating, just a smoke-like thick vapour that can recreate the experience of smoking a cigarette just as if you were smoking a real cigarette.

Among the heating-based products available today, there are many types that offer both nicotine and nicotine-free alternatives.

To use the heating-based smoking alternative, a heating device and a filler are required.
Heaters are typically battery-powered devices that heat the inserted cartridge to the ideal temperature for use. They are quite small, fitting comfortably into the smallest handbag or even a jeans pocket.
The use of the heaters is extremely simple. A variety of small brushes are available for cleaning.

And that brings us to the subject of this article


What is Glo?
The Glo is one of British American Tobacco's (BAT for short) most popular products, developed in the UK by engineers and toxicology experts to reduce the harm of smoking. First launched in Japan in 2016, it has gradually started to conquer Europe.

The Glo is basically a heating device, or more precisely a type of heating device. It is a very simple and compact device, usually with only one button to operate the device. The Glo heater has no separate accessories or attachments, the charger is the heater itself, so you can easily recharge the battery anywhere, anytime, without worrying about forgetting the charger.
Glo heaters heat the charge to 240 degrees Celsius and, as with other heaters, only heat the charge, not burn it, so the harm reduction effects of using Glo also apply.

So as we have written, the Glo is itself a heating device, so like all heaters it cannot be used on its own, it requires the insertion of a charge for the smoking experience.


Glo cartridges, heating elements

When buying Glo loads, you need to be careful! Not all heating elements are compatible with the Glo. For example, the heating rods in our online shop are thicker than the cartridges that can be used in the Glo.

There are currently 4 manufacturers who make compatible charges for Glo. The most popular and widely available brand is Neo. Neo heat bars include a wide range of flavours, and traditional flavoured products now include popping heat bars, which involve popping a tiny flavour capsule to release the flavour. If you don't pop the capsule before use, you can enjoy the original tobacco flavour of the heating rod.


Is it worth buying Glo? Is it healthier than traditional cigarettes?

Well, although like none of the alternatives to smoking, Glo is not completely harmless, and it is by no means healthy. However, it can definitely be said that using it is much less harmful than traditional cigarettes, as there is no smoke, no burning paper, no burning filler, no release of harmful substances, no passive smoking. So if you don't want to or feel that you can't kick the habit completely, but you want to do something for your health and reduce the harm, it's worth switching to Glo or other heating technology.


Alternatives to Glo

These heating sticks have some herbal or tea base, and are available in nicotine and nicotine-free versions. You can also choose from flavoured versions similar to Glo. The advantage is that there are many more brands and even more flavours available to customers.