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IQOS Terea Flavours list

10/08/2023 19:02
IQOS Terea Flavours list

In 2023, the new IQOS tobacco refill Terea was launched, which is exclusively compatible with IQOS ILUMA. The advantage of using the new device and the new cartridge is that the tobacco is now heated from the inside of the cartridge. This allows the new load to have a completely sealed appearance, which ensures that the heater does not get dirty during use.

But what flavours of Terea are available?

The Terea flavours are the same as the long-established Heets flavours.


Terea flavours available in tobacconists are:


A soft, creamy flavour palette. A balanced, roasted tobacco blend with creamy and nutty flavour notes.



Strong menthol flavour with a light tobacco taste.


Mauve Wave
A rich, fruity palette with refreshing menthol and light forest fruit flavours.


Slightly spicy tobacco blend with light, mild spicy flavours.


A pleasant, cooling menthol with a lightly toasted tobacco blend.

Coral Tide

A sweet peach scented aroma, a pleasant fruity flavour blended with floral notes and a mild menthol.



A rich, warming palette of flavours. A mildly aromatic tobacco blend with cocoa and dried fruit notes.



A balanced blend of roasted tobacco and soft spicy, herbal notes. A rather special, sophisticated aroma.



A refreshing and warming palette of flavours. Cooling menthol blends with soft roasted tobacco and pleasant spicy aromas.



Medium-strong tobacco flavour with woody and nutty notes.



A medium strong tobacco aroma with a woody flavour and a hint of tea.



The most intense tobacco flavour with malty notes.


Black Menthol

Intense menthol flavour with a strong refreshing, invigorating effect.


Purple Menthol

Intense menthol coolness combined with sweet and sour fruity notes.


Tropical Menthol

The perfect blend of sweet tropical fruits and cooling menthol.


Smouth Regular

Woody flavours with a hint of tea and sweet vanilla.


Balanced Regular

Full-bodied, rich flavours complemented by vanilla and ctruscan aromas.


Yellow Menthol

Intense citrus flavour with a hint of herbal aromas and refreshing menthol.



A favourite of menthol lovers: simple, strong menthol flavour with a tiny hint of vanilla.



Cooling, refreshing, lively flavour with menthol and strong tobacco notes.



A full-bodied woody flavour, in perfect harmony with an added hint of nuttiness.


Rich Regular

Authentic, intense tobacco flavour.


Bright Menthol

A pleasant, unobtrusive wormwood aroma blended with tobacco and a hint of refreshing menthol.